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Being born into a very musical family, my study of music began at the age of 3 with piano lessons. Violin study commenced in the fourth grade, and both instruments were focused upon concurrently all through my school years. I performed in piano recitals yearly as well as local and state music contests, placing in class A with blue ribbons. The culmination of my early piano study was the opportunity to perform with my teacher Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin in full duet form.


My violin study was highlighted as well with participation in local and state music contests as well as being concertmistress for our well-renowned high school orchestra in Indianapolis conducted by Bruce Fowler. This orchestra under Mr. Fowler’s direction was taken to Chicago whereupon we won first place in a national high school orchestra contest. My participation in this group included many concerts and contests as well as playing for all the school musicals. During my high school years, I was also the accompanist for several different elite vocal ensembles, which greatly enhanced my skill with sight-reading, the flexibility required to support the groups under stress, and my personal time management as well. Under Mr. Fowler’s expert teaching, I was prepared for college auditions and subsequently won first place in the Corbett scholarship competition in 1969, launching my college years in the College/Conservatory of Music here in Cincinnati. In 1973 I earned my Bachelor’s degree with summa cum laude and subsequently went on to my Master’s, completing my work in 1976, with a major in violin and a minor in piano.


My teaching experience began at the age of 16 when I was approached by church members and neighbors to teach their children. I have not taken a break from this over all these years, now in my 54th year of teaching, nor has my enthusiasm waned. Teaching another person to deeply experience music and improve their quality of life is truly my ‘forte.’ I absolutely love working with students to encourage them in whatever vein of music they are drawn to, and to share the beauty and depth of music with them to further enhance their lives and well-being. The study of music is so much more than just the technical aspect! At any level, music becomes a tool to express oneself in a way that surpasses any other.


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