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"As someone who has been working with Ms. Roth for ten years, I can honestly say that it was a great decision on my part to start taking lessons from her. I have definitely learned a lot thanks to her, and I am inspired every time I have a lesson to keep working and progress even further. To anyone thinking about taking piano or violin lessons, I would say “Don’t hold back.” You’ll have a great opportunity to meet a wonderful and passionate individual who can show you so much about the world of music. I know my experiences have been worth it, and I can guarantee that yours will be too." (Katie, piano student)

"I began taking violin lessons from Miss Roth when I was only 11 years old and by the time I moved away I was 22 and playing piano as well. I've never met anyone as passionate about music as Miss Roth. Her whole face lights up when she explains a new musical term or recounts the life of a particular composer. Not only does she love music, she knows music. She has years of experience in her field, everything from performing to music theory and as a student you benefit from all of her training. I was fortunate to grow up with her as my teacher. She has the patience of a saint and a light, bubbly personality that makes every lesson a blast. Anyone would be lucky to learn music under Miss Roth's instruction, as she has a talent for helping her students break out of their shells and express themselves through music. She always goes above and beyond for her students and it's evident that she is fiercely dedicated. She started as my music teacher but by the time I left she was a mentor and a friend." (Alex, violin student)

"After 20 years, I finally decided to try my hand at learning to play the piano once again. My experience with Barbara has been pure joy as she has shared her deep love of music with me and given me the confidence I need as a 38-year-old adult beginner. She has many years of experience, an unending well of patience, and is a constant encourager as she teaches me the techniques of the piano and music. At one point, I tried to learn how to play the piano through on-line instructors and websites, but none of that can compare to the personal instruction of a dedicated and kind teacher. Barbara, however, is more than just a piano teacher. She is a coach, a listener and a friend. She teaches what she loves and I’ve learned that music is an art, an expression, and a passion. I am so grateful she took a chance on me, and I’m so thankful to learn and grow under the tutelage of such a gifted instructor." (Shannon, piano student)

"I met Miss Roth about four months ago. Having always had a love for music, I attempted to learn to play the violin, but after 15 months had to admit I could not. A friend at my church told me about Barbara, and her ability to teach me to play the piano. At the very onset, I found her to be an excellent teacher, enthusiastic and caring. One of my biggest fears was learning to read music and now I can do so! I heartily recommend Barbara Roth as a teacher!" (Lloyd, piano student)

"For more than 10 years, Barbara has done an exceptional job teaching my daughter to play piano. Barbara is always patient and kind. She has just the right motivational touch to help my daughter keep advancing her skills and achieving new musical goals." (David, parent)